First steps as Pilot

If you have not yet done so, you will need to join IVAO to create your personal user account.

Note that this is required only once, and valid for both ATC and pilot career!

More specifically, we will show you how to…

  • Download, install and set up the required software
  • Connect to the IVAO Network (“IVAN”)
  • Submit a (basic) flight plan
  • Interact with Air Traffic Control (ATC), or how to act in absence of ATC
  • Obtain further information and training


The first thing you need to do is download our pilot client, IvAp, which will allow you to connect to the network. This can be downloaded from the Software Development Pages.


  • FS 2002 and FS 2004 users should download “IvAp v1 (for FS2002 and FS2004)”
  • FS X users should download “IvAp v2 (FSX Only)”
  • X-Plane users should select the proper version on the Software Development Pages. Look for IVAO X-Plane Client. Note that the operation of the X-Plane Client differs from the IvAp for Flightsimulators 2002/2004/X, the basic priciples are the same however.

Once you have downloaded the program, you should run the executable file and install the program.

During the installation process you will be asked if you wish to install TeamSpeak and FSUIPC. We are using TeamSpeak for our voice communications, so if you intend to use voice for your communication with the Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) and you do not have TeamSpeak 2 installed on your computer, you should select also TeamSpeak to be installed. FSUIPC is a small module necessary for your online flying. If you do not have FSUIPC installed on your computer (or if you do not know what it is), select also FSUIPC to be installed.

When it has been installed, you should visit the configuration settings (Start Menu → All Programs → IVAO → IvAp – IVAO Virtual Pilot Client → IvAp – Configuration) and set the required options. Check the IvAp manual for a detailed description on each of the settings.


MTL (Multiplayer Traffic Library) will enable you to “see” other aircraft around you by installing hundreds of aircraft and their liveries into your flight simulator.

The MTL package is included in the IvAp download and will automatically install itself when installing IvAp. After installation of IvAp has completed, the MTL Downloader will run automatically and ask yout to initiate download of the MTL files.


Press the green “Full Install” button to install all the MTL aircraft. Alternatively, you can select the MTL you wish to install from the list.

If you are installing all the MTL, there are over 3000 models to download so this may take some time. Once the aircraft have been downloaded, an MS-DOS window will open – do not close this window. Allow it to complete its tasks.

You may notice that Flight Sim takes long to load up due to the amount of MTL installed. You can reduce this time by hiding the MTL, which will not affect your Flightsim or IVAO experience. This can be done by visiting Start Menu → All Programs → IVAO → IvAp – IVAO