What is a GCA?

GCA (Guest Controller Approval) is a program initiated by ivao.aero network, that allows ATCs to open air traffic control positions within FIRs under the control of other divisions, in accordance with IVAO R&R 5.1.7 rules.
IVAO Algeria division, grants ATCs wishing to open air traffic control positions within its FIR DAAA if they comply with the rules mentioned above and in compliance with its own requirements :

Get a GCA !

The applicant should contact dz-hq@ivao.aero to request the GCA. After checking, he will be contacted by the DZ-TC (Training cordinator) or one of his assistants and given a date to evaluate his skills.
If the candidate is distinguished by his master’s degree, the GCA will be granted and displayed on his profile; otherwise a refusal will be notified by email with the reasons for his failure. This same candidate is tolerated for him to re-submit another application, six (06) months later.

Cancellation !

The DZ-HQ reserves the right to cancel the GCA if the member:
• Does not provide an hourly volume of 05h/month, except in cases of force majeure duly justified.
• Is under the effect of sanction by IVAO.
• Failure to comply with IVAO rules.
• Does not provide a quality service in accordance with local procedures.
• GCA may be withdrawn at any time for justified reasons.

Requirements !

• Have a minimum ADC (aerodrome controller) rating.
• English proficiency (IFR & VFR) and French proficiency for local traffic.
• Be well informed of local procedures published on SIA DZ official website https://www.siaenna.dz
• Never have been sanctioned by the IVAO for lack of attendance and harmful acts towards others.
• Not having had a GCA in the IVAO Algeria division and then cancelled for any reasons.