Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR)

Compared to VFR flights, IFR uses instruments inside the plane to navigate from one point to the other. Thanks to this equipment, IFR flights are not restricted by weather and/or lack of visibility.


Basic Knowledge Requirements

IFR requires deeper knowledge of aviation compared to VFR. In order to be able to fly a successful IFR you should be perfectly familiar with:

  • All the knowledge required to fly VFR
  • IFR Flight Planning and Flight Plan filing
  • VOR / NDB navigation
  • IFR departure procedure
  • En route navigation
  • IFR arrival procedure
  • Holding over a VOR
  • Holding over a FIX
  • ILS approach
  • Non precision approach
  • Missed approach
  • Circling approach
  • Chart reading & IFR procedures
  • Flight instruments & navigation equipment