Pilot Conversion Licence

IVAO offers a rating transfer to its users holding a Pilot’s  licence in real life.

A rating transfer is possible only one time per user.

IVAO RankRatingReal world qualificationMinimum Hours to be done in IVAO
PP5.gifPPL or CPL without IR50
SPP6.gifPPL or CPL or ATPL with IR60
CP7.gifCPL or ATPL with IR and MEL70
ATP8.gifNo Transfer

Rating transfer process

  1. Scan of your real license (please include all pages without any hidden item).
  2. Request the rating transfer with your Division HQ (DIR/ADIR), who will have to act as an advocate to your request.
  3. The Division HQ will check the copies of the documents supplied
  4. If the Division HQ supports your request, they will forward your application to TD/TAD.
  5. HQ Training Department will make a cross-check of the documents.
  6. The Training Department may request the applicant to complete one or more theoretical and/or practical exam(s) before deciding on the rating transfer.
  7. The Training Department may request an interview with the applicant so as to check his professional capability corresponds with the provided license and/or his English proficiency level matches the requested rating.

Downgrade after a rating transfer

In exceptional cases, there may be reasons to downgrade a user who holds the privilege of a rating transfer.

  • false documents have been detected
  • Verifiable reports of below standard performance of the user in relation to the rating transfer
  • Misbehavior or violation of IVAO’s Rules and Regulations
  • Suspension of IVAO Network